An Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bow:

The compound bow is one of the most important instruments for both first-time and experienced archers. It is so important that no archer should risk buying one without the right knowledge, expert guide and advice. But the reality of the situation today is that most of the enthusiastic archers who want to own their first compound bow are having a hard time in finding and buying one, especially online.

Even though one can find an exciting list of comparable compound bows in the market, what potential buyers of good bows usually experience is that they get directed to misleading reviews and end up buying an unforgiveably cheap, easily breakable bow. Such disappointment is the last thing inside an archer’s mind.

So the question is: are there reviews out there that can comprehensibly guide both first-time hobbyist archers and accomplished professional hunters in what right kind of compound bow to buy? Are there accurate impartial reviews out there that can inform the most passionate archers what alternative bow to acquire to replace their main beloved bow? The answer is an outstanding YES. And our blog showcases three of these right forms of compound bow reviews that you have to read. Created to guide everyone with everything about compound bows, our blog hopes that all of you readers end up satisfied with every compound bow purchase you make.

Best Compound Bow Reviews

Top 10 compound bows for hunting, sport and more…

Compound Bow
Draw Length
Draw Weight
Let Off
Brace Height
Genesis Original Bow pic Genesis Original BowFits all10 - 20 lbsZero7-5/6"200 FPS
Infinite Edge Bow Package13" - 30"5 - 70 lbs75%7"310 FPS
Diamond by Bowtech Core
Diamond By Bowtech Core
25” – 31”40 -70lbs80%7-1/4″313 FPS

Diamond Atomic Package
12"-24"2970%6"191 FPS
Bear archery apprentice 215" - 27"20 - 60lbs70%6" 265 FPS

Compound Bow
Draw Length
Draw Weight
Let Off
Brace Height
IBO Speed

Bear Archery Outbreak
16in to 3015 lbs. to 7070%7.25308 FPS$$

PSE Sinister Ready to Shoot
25.5-30 inch60 - 7075%7.25327 FPS$$$
PSE Brute X compound bow review
PSE Bow Madness 3G
60 - 7075%7 322-330 FPS$$$$

PSE Brute X
26,5"–30,550, 60, 7080%7330 FPS$$$$


How to Choose the Right Compound Bow

Compound bows are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and sophistication levels. As considerably individualized tools they require careful selection so as to meet the needs and hunting style of the user. If you are new to the art of archery you will most likely come across unfamiliar terminology or jargon.

Draw Length


The draw length on your bow should be perfect for you to ensure that the bow is comfortable, and to provide you with the most accurate shot. The length of the draw affects not only the view, but also the speed, energy, and control of the shot. One way of finding this length is to measure your arms with them held at your sides. Divide that length by 2.5, and you will have the best draw length for you.

Draw Weight

On the other hand draw weight is the weight that an archer feels on when they pull back the bow string. The more the bowstring is pulled back when shooting the more speed and penetration is achieved. This can make a difference between killing and animal and wounding it which is not a desirable result. However, too much draw weight may lead to poor shooting as well as injuries.
It is advisable to choose a compound bow that has a draw weight that is comfortable. This can be achieved by testing various bows by drawing them to their full length smoothly where abrupt movements should be avoided. This should be accompanied by holding the bow at full length for duration of one minute without any shaking. Most compound bows have adjustable draw weight options.

draw weight

Let off and Brace height

The weight achieved at full draw is referred to as let off. Less let off achieves slightly higher arrow speed. However, this is not a major concern as most bows are available with some form of adjustable let-off. A compound bow with a short brace achieves more stored energy when it is fully drawn. This translates to higher arrow speed. However, it is advisable to choose a brace height that matches with the length of your arms

Last but not least

Technological developments have led to shorter bows which weigh less. This results to easier portability. On the other hand shorter bows are difficult to hold firm especially at full draw. In general if you are small in stature a long bow may inhibit accurate shooting while those will exceptionally long arms may find it uncomfortable to use a short compound bow.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow – Best Compound Bow for Beginners.

Infinite Edge Bow PackageLike the other bows featured in this review article, the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow is a bow that’s designed for use by beginner archers. This bow features enough adjustment for smaller frame archers, while providing enough for larger frame archers to keep using the bow. Even young archers can use this bow from childhood into adulthood, which is something that expresses the versatility of this bow.

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow features a 13 to 30 inch adjustable draw length, while the draw weight is just as adjustable: from 5 to 70 pounds. The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow can also be custom tuned without using a bow press. Both right hand and left hand archers can use this bow, as the bow can be adjusted to accommodate any one of any size. You can read our full review here or here

Bear Archery Outbreak.

Bear Outbreak ReadyBear Archery Outbreak Ready to Hunt compound bow provides a great experience for novice or experienced hunters. This bow has a 16” to 30” draw length, which makes it a great choice for those who have struggled to find a bow that actually fits their arm length. This allows hunters to hold the bow at the ready for an extended amount of time, without having to give in to fatigue before they can get the shot.
The Outbreak bow comes with a no shock string suppression system that not only makes this bow extremely quiet, it also has almost no shock on release. Additionally, this bow provides ultra-fast speeds, with some reaching 310 feet per second.
Even though this bow provides a great experience overall, it does require additional Allen keys for some of the adjustments (not included). This means you need to make sure you have everything set up just the way you want it before you ever try to take it out for a hunt.
Overall, this bow provides a fast, amazingly quiet release that will have you bagging those bucks quickly and easily. Whether you are new to bow hunting, or a pro, this bow is a great option.

Barnett Banshee Quad Youth Compound Bow Archery Set – Best Compound bow for kids.

Barnett outdoors compound bowIf you’re looking for a compound bow set for a younger archer, you’re in luck. Compound Bow Archery Set provides an ideal set of tools for younger archers who want to undertake archery from a young age. This product, in fact, is designed to be an ideal compound bow set for introducing archery to children at a young age.

The Barnett Banshee Quad Youth Compound Bow Archery Set features a bow that has an ambidextrous reinforced handle with a soft-touch grip that makes the handling on this bow comfortable. The bow itself can draw up to 25 pounds, while the draw length hovers between 24 to 26 inches. The Barnett Banshee Quad Youth Compound Bow Archery Set includes finger rollers, two Fiberglass arrows and adjustable pin-sight. The entire set also includes a forearm guard, an archery tab and a paper target.
Did you read about a bow that you might want to buy? We hope that our compound reviews helped you narrow down your choices to just a few bows.